Ante Cryst’s “1682 rehearsal” demo tape is now available direct from MM. Recorded probably back in late 2006 (in any case, after the “Malicious” rehearsal tape recorded the year previously but after the AnXpm session) but then was pretty much forgotten during a busy time for the two members involved in its creation. Anyway, now the AnXpm is out, it’s been deemed a good idea to put this old rehearsal out as well and finally end the saga that was Ante Cryst/AnXpm.

MM plays guitar in his usual undisciplined and bizarre scything fashion and does vocals while Bruder Unknown H plays drums, all recorded “live” through open microphones. Having heard the tape a few times now, I’d say musically it’s like the early works of Mutiilation, Mayhem (1989 period!), Thorns and maybe Bathory (The Return), as tracks are quite varied in mood, tempo and influence. Soundwise it’s raw, rehearsal quality recorded on a portable four track, but it’s clear enough and listenable.

The tape cover is xeroxed and the cassette itself is a good quality solid white C60. There’s nine tracks of black metal, 20+ minutes in total. Tape costs £3.00 including p&p in the UK. Elsewhere ask for postage cost. To buy a copy, email MM at contact_emit(at)hotmail(dot)com

I worked out it’s not hard to make Youtube videos, listen if you want:

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