HAMMEMIT_morthwork_COVER_Acrop2Finally Hammemit’s “Morthwork” album is available, encapsulated within a professionally printed cassette tape by Ireland’s Fort Evil Fruit.

The label’s quite accurate description:

The second FEF release from the dark master of arcane English ambience is his most minimal and purest expression yet, consisting entirely of solo guitar instrumentals (along with some avian bookending).
Recorded amid the chalk downs of Wiltshire and titled in the area’s 17th century dialect, MM evokes the distant mysterious past through modern means. There is beauty and calm to be found in these woods, but the ancient and malevolent lurk there also. Morthwork is melancholy, haunted, and alluringly sinister.

Buy the album here if you so wish it.

deuchar-21A new, brief, Emit & Hammemit interview has been published at Deathmetal.org aka DLA. It’s the second time the site has featured Emit/Hammemit and discusses “Spectre Music of an Antiquary” amongst other things.  See link below.


Hammemit’s “Morthwork” album will be published in December this year by Irish label Fort Evil Fruit, as a professional cassette release. Those who’ve seen FEF’s splendid work on “The Ghastliere Morrowe” can expect the same high quality. The previously mentioned CD version is still underway, as far as is known. Speaking of which the latter tape is sold out from the label, but can still be ordered directly from MM/Hammemit (see ‘webstore’ page, other available items).

FEF13covercropAfter some delay, there is news…

First, the strange old AnXpm EP is now available as a split 12″ MLP with Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum. Further details at the label’s homepage (Barghest).

Second, Hammemit’s “The Ghastliere Morrowe” EP is now available as a professionally yet still lovingly printed cassette. Further details at the label’s homepage (Fort Evil Fruit).

“The Ghastliere Morrowe” also received high praise at Worm Gear zine, the veteran underground/experimental music magazine; “Among my music collection is a small gathering of recordings that I refer to as “albums that ruin other music for me”. These are the few albums that I would, without hesitation, give up the entirety of the rest of my records for if I had to make the choice. Every one of them is impressive for the unique and vital craft of the music contained within, but what makes them so truly special is their ability to deeply move me on a personal level. Listening to them affirms for me the actual potential of music; not as mere entertainment or a distraction to fill up time and stimulate the senses on a superficial level, but rather as a form of expression that can stir those primordial and essential parts of our deepest selves that lie buried and inaccessible in everyday life. Now that The Ghastliere Morrowe has finally been unveiled at a reasonable price by Fort Evil Fruit, I think that I am comfortable initiating Hammemit’s discography into that shrine of sacred albums.”  Click here for the full review.

Finally, English record label Glorious North was pleased to make it known that a copy of Emit’s “Spectre Music of an Antiquary” has been archived for posterity by the British Library, where it shall doubtless dwell in obscurity for centuries to come…

I’ve posted a brand new, very lengthy interview with Emil Lundin of Reverorum ib Malacht. This can be read by clicking HERE.

The interview covers pretty much everything you could possibly want to know (perhaps more than you could want to know, haha) about the past and present musical activities of Mr. Lundin and thoughts on religion.

Out now on Exitium Productions, a live tape of Emit, recorded in August this year in London. A single instrumental piece over 17 minutes in length. Instrumental as the vocal microphone failed to work during the set. Sound quality is excellent (thanks go to Tim Drage) and the covers are pro-printed, dubbed onto plain black cassettes.

You can buy this HERE. And from the band direct.

Coming in November: AnXpm / Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatum split 12″ vinyl MLP. AnXpm side contains the EP as released earlier this year on cassette, the SSP side contains an unreleased track from 2004, originally intended as their side of a split release with Emit. Both sides were mastered specifically for the vinyl format by Kark Mastering.

A new Hammemit 8″ EP (33rpm) is now available through PseudoArcana. Buy direct from the label HERE

Here’s the label description: Hammemit is the ritualistic ambient alter-ego of English Black-Noise icon Emit. Turning away from the harsh abstract violence of that latter project Hammemit is a retreat deep into the shadow realm of olde religion and esoteric contemplation.
On ‘The Ghastliere Morrowe’ we get two 8 minute sides -cut into square plastic- that create a stark cold cavernous space whilst simultaneously wrapping one in a dark warm cloak like some protection against the dark. 

Below is a promo video put together by PseudoArcana:

A new Emit tape release is out now on Glorious North Productions. Eight tracks of strange and haunting music, with a vaguely 1980′s sound of ritualised industrial percussion and synth, accompanied by distinctive multitudinous voices and distorted/clean guitars. A disturbing blend of the murky and uniquely bizarre atmospherics of earliest Emit with the otherwordliness of Hammemit. Click here to order.

CD version to be released by Crucial Blast in Feb/Mar 2013. Sample below:

Emit will be playing their first ever live show at Ryan’s Bar, Newington, London on the 4th of August 2012. More details to follow shortly. They are joined by fellow noise artists such as Panther Modern (noise project of TOMB member) and Hal Hutchinson. Emit will be performing an entirely improvised set of dark guitar noise in their own inimitable style. Joining MM on second guitar for this event is the mainman from English black metal band Subvertio Deus (now known as Antinomian).

This event will follow the release of a new Emit recording, which should be out by the end of this month. More details on that later.

I have uploaded as many Emit and Hammemit lyrics as I have plus some that MM sent me. These include some unused lyrics plus lyrics written for the unreleased ‘Mother of Blood’ album, including some written by Emil Lundin (as the album was a collaboration between these two gentlemen). When I have time to dig out my copy of the “Spires…” album I’ll add those too. Go to the Lyrics page to have a read.

I also added some further items to the webstore page, click that link at the top of the page to see what’s available.

Forthcoming Hammemit releases are: “Morthwork” CD (Fall of Nature), “The Ghastliere Morrowe” 8″ vinyl EP (Pseudo Arcana) plus a split Hammemit cassette with a side-project of Dan from Vrolok (USA).


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